广州凯源水处理设备YG电子自成立以来一直致力于纯水、超纯水与中水回用及饮用水领域的水处理设备及工艺的开发与利用,集反渗透系统(RO)、离子交换系统、软化水系统、EDI系统、纳滤(NF)、超滤(UF)、微滤(MF)、地下水处理系统等水处理工程的设计、设备制造、安装调试、技术培训为一体进行全方位服务。 自创建以来,公司一直秉承着以客为尊、持续改进、永续经营的理念,采用并引进国外先进的设备与技术,竭诚地为用户提供最佳的工艺流程、一流的设备、完善的服务。 创造--永无止境的理念。YG电子将不断地完善质量的管理体系,提高设备的性能,使产品具有更高的可靠性,实用性,及更长的使用寿命。


        Guangzhou Kaiyuan Water Treating Equipment Co., Ltd engages in developing and utilizing water treating equipment and technique in the fields of pure water, ultrapure water, water reclamation and drinking water from establishment all along, and integrates design, equipment manufacture, installation and debugging and technical training of water treating projects such as reverse osmosis systems (RO), ion exchange systems, water softening systems, EDI systems, nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), micro-filtration (MF), underwater processing systems and the like into a whole for all-around services. The company insists on conceptions of ‘treating customers with respect, continuous improvement and permanent operation’ all along from establishment, adopts and introduces advanced equipment and technique in China and abroad, and provides users with optimum technique flow, first-grade devices and perfect services sincerely. Creation is our endless conception. We will perfect the quality management system continuously, improve the device performance, and enable products to have higher reliability, practicability and longer service life.

-Excellent Technique; Professional Water Treatment-



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